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The Simply Human Podcast

Hosts Mark and Rick helping humans discover just how simple being healthy really is. Eat like a human. Sleep like a human. Move like a human. Enjoy life like a human. New episodes whenever we feel like it. Call and record a Humans Being Human story, ask a question, or give feedback: (530) 42-HUMAN (3 minute limit)

Jun 29, 2018

**click the first link below for a special gift from our guest today!**

It's Nagina Abdullah on today's show! Nagina Abdullah is a health coach for ambitious women. She teaches ambitious women how to make tiny changes in their daily eating choices for big weight-loss that stays off. Nagina has helped over 500 women lose...

Jun 28, 2018

On today's show it's Dr. Carolyn Dean talking minerals and magnesium! Before they talk to her, Mark and Rick discuss a 3.5 foot rattle snake IN MARK'S GARAGE! 

They talk to Carolyn about a volcano, getting an MD, being on national TV and talking bad about sugar, magnesium, the Magnesium Miracle book, epsom salt baths...

Jun 18, 2018

Evan DeMarco is a sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms. He is a successful entrepreneur whose interest in diet, health and supplements began as an athlete and consumer determined to improve an industry that was going through...

Jun 8, 2018

Great show today! Before they talk to the amazing Wendy Yellen, Mark and Rick discuss Father's Day presents and other stuff. 

They talk to Wendy about a very tight dress, ending up in Houston, calling someone by mistake, Eidetics, removing shoes and gloves, taking Mark and Rick through a thing, Eidos -- gifts from the...