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Rick Bentley guest hosts today's episode where we talk to Jason Seib of We talk to Jason about: Diet is NOT a verb, Saying YUMMY, moderation, arguing with doctors, disconnect between sickness and nutrition, happy fun ball, why weighing yourself is not a great idea, yoyo dieting, meditation, managing stress, the important things in life, and hedonic treadmills.

Here's all the stuff mentioned in today's show.

8 minute meditation book
paleo coach
sarah fragoso’s cook books
Positive Psychologist, Dr. Robert Biswas-Deiner
Vinnie Tortorich
Bulletproof coffee
Natural Grocers

Then we talk to my dad in the Humans Being Segment. He's a bit confused for the first few minutes. We wrap up with the Simply Human tip of the week which is a nutritional strategy for the holidays.

Leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher. Email questions and comments. Episode #10 coming on Thanksgiving day -- it'll include another edition of Rick the Caveman

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