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On today's show, Mark interviews Maggie Downie! Maggie is the founder of Personal Euphoria, a fitness and wellness company, where she has been helping her clients reduce pain since 2005. She co-founded PEEPs in Motion, which offers Workshops for Wellness—programs designed to keep people moving and reduce pain. Maggie lives in Connecticut and enjoys doing planks in different parts of the world, seeking adventures, climbing mountains, and eating chocolate.

Mark talks to Maggie about her birthday (March 27), education and fitness, a pilates accident, a house built in 1666, the no pain/no gain mentality, professional athletes, flexibility vs stability, eccentric movements, DOMS, balance between good pain and too much pain, defining your goals, Mark makes two good points, biphasic sleeping, movement in kids, sledding in Texas, built in movement patterns, dementia, the sea squirt, brain rules, and taking a bath once a week.

Before the interview, Mark and Rick discuss and ex-girlfriend, peeps, Rick's birthday, and spring break. 

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