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On today's show it's Kathleen Trotter, fitness expert, media personality, personal trainer, writer, life coach, certified Pilates and ELDOA instructor, and overall health enthusiast. Her passion is motivating others to “find their fit” and works with clients ranging from endurance athletes to individuals living with Parkinson’s disease and osteoporosis. 

Mark talks to Kathleen about her birthday, cheat meals, spilling mustard, making decisions, shame spiraling, Brene Brown, “if knowledge was enough…”, her background, being active is a non-negotiable, a YMCA membership, Finding Your Fit book, biting off more than you can chew, Mark’s YMCA story, making the most of time, a 66 year old college grad, Mark retells a story, negative brain propaganda, red yellow and green foods, having kids to help you wake up, the Daily Stoic, love is not a word it’s a practice, and prioritizing time with friends and family.

Before Mark talks to her, Mark and Rick talk about Mark's brothers surprise birthday party. 


Book: Your Fittest Future Self

Book: Finding Your Fit

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