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Today's show is the week we normally take off -- Happy Spring Break! But instead of no show, loyal listener and Simply Human Podcast's own, Chris Brannan, had a great idea to do a Best of Humans Being Human show. So here we go -- we used suggestions from listeners and then our own favorites, and came up with our Top 5 most hilarious moments from the previous 117 shows.

Coming in at #5 (08:22) -- The Nipple Nerve Story told by my brother Jeff.

At #4 (16:00) -- Rick's brother, Rob, joins us to tell the "Is your dad bald?" story.

Taking the bronze (22:27) -- the most amazing and horrific story ever told, Chris Brannan and the Styrofoam Cup story.

Your silver medalist (34:49) -- not a Humans Being Segment, but still very high in our most favorite moments, Santa Claus Talk with Mark and Rick.

And your gold medal winner (41:02) -- only the second Humans Being Story ever told on this show (back on episode 3), Blake Lewis joins us to tell the Party Bus Story.

We hope you have fun listening to this episode. I had lots of fun putting it together.

Thanks for listening. We're back next week with Luke Norsworthy! Have a great week.

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