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On today’s show Rick and Mark interview Braid Blanks, a mutual friend and local media celebrity -- it’s another installment of the “Everyman Series” (in this case “Everywoman”). Then it’s another moderately funny edition of the Humans Being Human segment with Dr. John Badylak and a story YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE about the time he SUTURED HIS OWN BALLS. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is -- bookend your days with rituals.

They talk to Braid about her thinking Mark was crazy, calorie-restricted diets, late night cravings, talking bad about Mark behind his back, transitioning to eating Simply Human foods, skinny fat, Braid’s handsome husband - Jeff, palate resets, and David Koresh.

Before they talk to Braid, Rick and Mark discuss bathroom etiquette, having no internet, and automatic Facebook “unfriend” behaviors.

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