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On today's show it's an interview with chiropractic husband-wife team Amanda and Dennis Warren whom I met at Paleo f(x) last month. Then it's the Humans Being Human segment with my oldest brother, Jeff (WARNING: mild locker room talk is included). Then we wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is -- DON'T STARVE YOURSELF.

Before we talk to Denny and Mandy, Rick and I talk about our iTunes Review Drive, our new listener base, the new Simply Human MOMS website, and some exciting things coming up on the show.

We talk to the Warrens about how chiropractic is NOT just about bad backs, energy flow, ear infections, the Webster technique, pregnancy, incontinence, morons, James Chestnut -- wellness certification, paleo diet, epigenetics, allergies, grains, diabetes, Himalayan rock salt, apple cider vinegar, foam rolling, yoga therapy balls, pregnancy and diet, nourishing traditions book, eating reproductive organs, and connecting with nature.

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