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On today's show Eva T returns: 2-time member of the US Olympic team, strength and conditioning coach, age defy-er, and dental hygienist! Then it's Part II of our conversation with Rick's brother, Rob, as we reminisce on Bakery Stories. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is: own who you are and be OK with that.
Before we talk to Eva T, Rick and I discuss a common traffic light violation, Easter, and deep tissue massage.
Eva talks to Rick and me about flossing, Russia and instagram censorship, liquid explosions, training and stress, types of athletes, exit strategies, 8 weeks out by Joel Jamieson, HRV testing, James O’Keefe TED talk, owning who you are, defying aging, MDME minimum dose maximum effect training, insulting pregnant women, and the paleo label.
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On today’s show it’s another segment of the “Everyman Series” with Ben Lamm, co-creator and CEO of Chaotic Moon Studios, a mobile software design and development studio in Austin. Then it’s a Humans Being Human segment in which I laughed so hard recording it that I was sore the next day. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is “your kids will eat real food, they won’t starve to death if you don’t give them non-human food.”

Before we talk to Ben, Rick and I talk about Paleo f(x), Wil and Ashley Fleming, John Durant and grass fed meat sticks!
We talk to Ben about college diets, 100 hour work weeks, Richard Branson CEO advice, eliminating headaches and bad sleep patterns, Bulletproof coffee, squatty potty, relying on Advil, increasing energy, sleeping less but sleeping better, afternoon crashes, standing work stations, passively influencing people, alcohol metabolism, Omission beer, sharpening cognition, cholesterol, spending time with family and working out.
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On today’s show we continue our Everyman Series with Geoff Spakes of Geoff is a blogger, ultra runner, dad, and overall great guy. Our Humans Being Human segment is with Dr. Nick Anthony and a time he nearly died long jumping. The Simply Human Tip of the Week is don’t have a CHEAT meal.

Before we get to Geoff, we talk about Paleo f(x), our biggest fears, and snakes in the toilet.
We talk to Geoff about "literally", getting off the couch, CrossFit, Krav Maga, trail running, trail running shoes, a day in the life, getting your family involved, conventional diets, running plans, olympic lifting and watching kids grow up.

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On today’s episode it’s the second installment of our Everyman Series with good friend of mine and Chiropractor, Dr. Nick Anthony. Then it’s another edition of Humans Being Human with Dr. Chris Armstrong and a naked wrestling match. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week inspired by Dr. Anthony which is -- WORK ON MOBILITY!

Before we talk to Dr. Anthony, Rick and I discuss an April Fool’s anniversary and Tonya Harding’s insanity. We’re also up to 7 reviews -- please leave us one so we’ll show up on the illustrious Top 300!
Today’s topics include long jump, natural living, defining chiropractic, posture, pulling, hanging, stress and flexors, blood flow, cops and heart attacks, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, heels on shoes, and being outside.
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