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On today's show we talk to the Fat Burning Man, Abel James. Then Rick and I discuss our biggest scars and we wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is TRY NEW THINGS.
We start off the show by talking about the perfect man, my outdoor survival training camp, nearly pooping in front of a group of Boy Scouts, and porta potties.

We talk to Abel about wheat belly by William Davis, the negatives of chronic endurance training, intermittent fasting, huge meals, chinese food, MSG, cooking, eggs, baking chocolate, palate reset, effortless mastery, brian johnson (philosopher’s notes), tigers, and paleo fx.
Here's a quote:
"My fiance, Allison, is like 100 pounds - she's this little, hot blonde chick...and she eats the house, too!"
"There should be nutrients in what you're eating."
Here are links to the stuff we talked about:
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Next week is the start of the Everyman Series with Chris Armstrong, MD.


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