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On today's show it's an interview with the host of the Not Just Paleo Podcast, Evan Brand, a self-experimenter and expert in holistic medicine, neurofeedback, neuroscience and nutrition. But first Rick and I talk about vomit, marathoning, terrible sleep and Brussels sprouts.
Then it's another moderately amusing edition of the Humans Being Human segment with Chris "Squatchy" Williams and his story about a meat misunderstanding. Rick and I also talk about birthdays and read some listener reviews.
We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is -- spend time with your family!
Not Just Paleo
Rick Eats a Brussels Sprout
Superhuman Article
GABA - neurotransmitter
REST Therapy
Antifragile book

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On today's show we interview Christopher Williams (a.k.a. Squatchy), who works as part of the Robb Wolf team. He's a paleo aficionado, educator, personal trainer, wellness coach, and hobbyist chef. We talk to Squatchy about sleep, Vitamin D, organ meats and making out with cows. Before the interview Rick and Mark go on a short rant about the Winter Olympics and kids' jokes.

Then it's another edition of Humans Being Human with a late night intruder and a machine gun.
Our Simply Human Tip of the Week is get outside and soak up the sun! 
Vitamin D article 1

Ancestral Health Symposium

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On today’s show it’s the great author, writer, researcher and speaker Jonathan Bailor but not until Rick and I discuss the Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day, and Jack-O-Lanterns full of cupcakes.

Going great lengths to be on with Rick and me, we’re very appreciative of Jonathan’s incredibly valuable time and his willingness to reschedule with us many times to finally be on! We talk about the Calorie Myth and how to debunk it, healthy exercise, analogies, Valentine’s day, whole food fats, juicing, insulin sensitivity and more!
Then it’s a painful edition of the Humans Being Human where Rick nearly suffocates to death laughing so hard at poor Mark’s misery after saying one of the worst things he could ever possibly say to anyone.  
The Simply Human Tip of the Week? Treat people like you want to be treated and don’t be a jerk.
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On today's show it's an interview with Dr. Katherine Erlich, a board certified pediatrican who said good-bye to her large conventional pediatric practice in Bingham Farms, Michigan in 2009 and resumed caring for patients through Healing the Whole Child, PLLC. We talk to Dr. Erlich about what prompted her to write her book Super Nutrition for Babies, nutritional foundation for kids, can you reverse the negative effects of poor nutrition?, and what are some super foods we need to be getting into our kids?

Then it's the Humans Being Human segment with Jayson and Mira Calton and a story about some interesting cultural practices.
Our Simply Human Tip of the Week is don't get discouraged! It's never too late to get healthy. Your body is amazing and is designed to heal itself!
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Stuff we talked about:

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