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Once again joined by everybody's favorite co-host, Rick, it's a conversation with Ben Greenfield where we talk about coffee, crystals, cold showers and one more "c" that you'll have to listen to find out what it is. Then it's another edition of Humans Being Human with Jim Laird and Molly  Galbraith about a dude shattering his arms and a vomit story. The Simply Human Tip of the Week is EAT MORE FAT.

Here are the links to some of what we talk about on today's show:



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On today's show co-hosted by your favorite co-host, Rick, we talk to 2 time Olympian Eva T of Eva T strength and condition about family, speed, 3 peaks, 4 pillars, heart rate variability, finding passion in movement, packing on muscle, rodeo clowns, advice for women’s collegiate athletes, flossing, tropical water surfing, and PaleoFX.

Then Rick and I tell a few funny stories that all have to do with Poetic Justice and we wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week.

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Jim Laird and Molly Galbraith are the Strength Coaches and Wellness Instructors at J&M Strength and Conditioning. Together they have over 20 years of experience coaching everyone from Professional Athletes, to Pageant Contestants, to Soccer Moms. They were both competitive athletes. Jim wrestled, played football and was an elite-level Powerlifter. Molly was a competitive gymnast, cheerleader, figure competitor and currently competes in Powerlifting as well. After several years of dedicating themselves to extreme sports, they have both come to appreciate a more balanced, well-rounded approach to training, and this is the approach they use with most of their clients as well. (this text taken straight from site). Today we talk about getting more out of less, adult bookstores, babies, beast mode, group fitness classes, misfits, 10,000 pitches, recovering from a C-section, and being more mindful to enjoy life.

Then it’s a short essay about a snorkeling disaster -- and our simply human tip of the week --

Here are links to the stuff we talked about today. Had lots of fun with Molly and Jim -- look for them in future editions of Humans Being Human -- they gave me some doozys.

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Episode 11 of the Simply Human Podcast. A Sleep episode featuring night shift worker and policeman Rick...we talk about ambien, orange glasses, sleep masks, memory loss, night-shift cocktails, and more!

The Humans Being Human Segment is a story about a Solo Dad Disaster.

The Simply Human Tip of the Week is to simulate a sunset in your home by using natural light or light from orange sources.

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In Episode 10 we talk to author and certified genius Dr. Paul Jaminet about the Perfect Health Diet, why grains are bad, the benefits of white rice, long-term dining out strategies, foods you aren’t eating but SHOULD be, how a low-fat diet makes you fat, why your doctor and vet should talk more, yoyo dieting, and circadian rhythms.

Then it's another edition of Rick the Caveman. We check in with our buddy and find out what he's been up to the last three weeks. The segment is rated PG-13.

Then it's the Simply Human Tip of the Week which is eat more coconut and coconut products.

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Rick Bentley guest hosts today's episode where we talk to Jason Seib of We talk to Jason about: Diet is NOT a verb, Saying YUMMY, moderation, arguing with doctors, disconnect between sickness and nutrition, happy fun ball, why weighing yourself is not a great idea, yoyo dieting, meditation, managing stress, the important things in life, and hedonic treadmills.

Here's all the stuff mentioned in today's show.

8 minute meditation book
paleo coach
sarah fragoso’s cook books
Positive Psychologist, Dr. Robert Biswas-Deiner
Vinnie Tortorich
Bulletproof coffee
Natural Grocers

Then we talk to my dad in the Humans Being Segment. He's a bit confused for the first few minutes. We wrap up with the Simply Human tip of the week which is a nutritional strategy for the holidays.

Leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher. Email questions and comments. Episode #10 coming on Thanksgiving day -- it'll include another edition of Rick the Caveman

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Today we talk to Jon Smith of the Fit, Fat, Fast Podcast about skinny fat, going vegan, going UNvegan, ironman racing, pooping, metabolic efficiency, how to get into a night club, human breast milk & Medium chain triglycerides, the fundamentals of being human, being grateful every day, reconnecting with the people around you, and staying positive. FitFatFast.comOn Twitter @FitFatFast


The Humans Being Human Segment features the world’s worst haircut EVER.

The Simply Human Tip of the Week --- imagine that all other drivers on the road are your grandmother or an old relative. Remember -- enjoy yourself!

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On today's show it's an interview with Paleo Dietician and blogger Amy Kubal. We discuss wiggle room, why being healthy is NOT just food, what kids should eat, how to get kids to eat good food, fish for breakfast, and rock climbing.

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blogging -- robb

google her!

ask the RD at Paleo Magazine

Then it’s the ever popular Humans Being Human Segment with Rick the Caveman and we wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is drink water when you’re thirsty.

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An interview with Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida Low-Carb we talk about:
how he lost nearly 200 pounds eating tons of fat, a pushy mother in law, statins, thumb dislocation, how cholesterol is like a fireman, why not to fear fat, a huge fatty breakfast, enjoying life -- being positive.
The Humans Being Human involves an oven and a small brain.

simply human tip of the week - find uncomfortable situations! Read more about it here

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We wrap up our conversation with Dr. George Diggs and discuss:

  • giving up grains

  • why a simply human diet is NOT restrictive

  • changing the current paradigm of nutrition in America

  • how grains poison you

  • college cafeteria food

  • feeding kids

  • early onset diabetes

  • the growing field of male breast reductions

  • grain brain -- Dr. Perlmutter’s new book

We talk to Jeff Rogers in today’s Humans Being Human segment and hear about a very mysterious bottle. And the Simply Human Tip of the Week

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Enjoy Yourself.

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