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On today’s show (the longest in Simply Human Podcast history), Mark and Rick interview Functional Medicine doctor, Michael Ruscio, about gut health and bacteria. Then it’s another moderately funny edition of the Humans Being Human segment with Greg and the Airplane Story. They wrap with the Simply Human Tip of the Week which is -- take care of your gut brain.

They talk to Michael about chasing symptoms, intestinal parasites, lacrosse balls, bacterial genes, the use of antibiotics, fermented foods, c-sections, raw milk, a hygiene pendulum, Epidemic of Absence -- Moises Velasquez-Manoff, Ruscio’s clinic: thyroid and the gut, getting healthy with as little cost as possible, FODMAPs and nightshades, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, fasting, giving your gut a chance to recover, exercise and competition.

Before the interview, Rick and Mark discuss periscope, Jason’s Seib new book, and a bad iTunes review.

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