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Hosts Mark and Rick helping humans discover just how simple being healthy really is. Eat like a human. Sleep like a human. Move like a human. Enjoy life like a human. New episodes whenever we feel like it. Call and record a Humans Being Human story, ask a question, or give feedback: (530) 42-HUMAN (3 minute limit)

Today we talk to Jon Smith of the Fit, Fat, Fast Podcast about skinny fat, going vegan, going UNvegan, ironman racing, pooping, metabolic efficiency, how to get into a night club, human breast milk & Medium chain triglycerides, the fundamentals of being human, being grateful every day, reconnecting with the people around you, and staying positive. FitFatFast.comOn Twitter @FitFatFast


The Humans Being Human Segment features the world’s worst haircut EVER.

The Simply Human Tip of the Week --- imagine that all other drivers on the road are your grandmother or an old relative. Remember -- enjoy yourself!

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