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 On today's show it's author, physical therapist, dad of 2 daughters, kayaker, YouTube star, and my hero, Kelly Starrett. Then it's part II of the Jen Gagne Humans Being Human Story which involves an unbelievable shark bite, 9/11 romance story. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is -- buy a lacrosse ball and use it to unglue your stiffness.

Before we talk to K-Star, Rick and I talk about possessing the intersection in “Rick’s Cop Corner”, wetting the bed, the term ‘bro’, why our kids are going to hate us when they’re older, and t-shirts.

We talk to Kelly about San Francisco CrossFit, kids and suffering, kids and sleep, giving kids opportunities to move, getting unglued, getting below parallel, the suck line, where is the starting point?, drinking and absorbing water, adult diapers, fixing sleep, WWE, stretching the gut and psoas, couch stretch, hot tubbing, chesticles, cold showers and the pain face.

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