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The Simply Human Podcast

Hosts Mark and Rick helping humans discover just how simple being healthy really is. Eat like a human. Sleep like a human. Move like a human. Enjoy life like a human. New episodes whenever we feel like it. Call and record a Humans Being Human story, ask a question, or give feedback: (530) 42-HUMAN (3 minute limit)

Nov 27, 2019

Reina Weiner joins us on today's show! Reina is an inspiring author and mentor, and a fun, enthusiastic speaker. She’s also the past President of a Toastmasters Chapter, President of Why Wait, LLC (if not now, when?) and the mother of two adults, independent children. 

We talk to Reina about her background, her...

Nov 25, 2019

On today's show it's Dr Kerry Thuett! She's an expert in fat loss through the neuroregulation of appetite, the incorporation of appropriate strength and conditioning, and implementation of mindfulness in lifestyle optimization. 

They talk to Kerry about her birthday, Lubbock, Post Toasties, being an expert witness,...