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On today’s show it’s the great author, writer, researcher and speaker Jonathan Bailor but not until Rick and I discuss the Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day, and Jack-O-Lanterns full of cupcakes.

Going great lengths to be on with Rick and me, we’re very appreciative of Jonathan’s incredibly valuable time and his willingness to reschedule with us many times to finally be on! We talk about the Calorie Myth and how to debunk it, healthy exercise, analogies, Valentine’s day, whole food fats, juicing, insulin sensitivity and more!
Then it’s a painful edition of the Humans Being Human where Rick nearly suffocates to death laughing so hard at poor Mark’s misery after saying one of the worst things he could ever possibly say to anyone.  
The Simply Human Tip of the Week? Treat people like you want to be treated and don’t be a jerk.
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