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The great and powerful Jonathan Bailor is back on the show!!!! He's got a book available now -- The Setpoint Diet -- which will blow your mind. Bailor is the founder of Wellness Engineering and the world’s fastest growing permanent weight loss and diabesity treatment company SANESolution. He authored the NYTimes best seller The Calorie Myth and The Setpoint Diet, has registered over 26 patents, and has spoken at Fortune 100 companies and TED conferences for over a decade. 

They talk to JB about a Cracked Out Cowboy, Seattle, the Calorie Myth, diabesity, smoking for 40 years, psychological damage of obesity, a mini-series about Diabesity, and more! 

Before they talk to him, Mark and Rick discuss the fact that Rick hasn't seen the movie Tombstone. And Mark tells the story of how he met Jonathan at PaleoFX in 2014. Thanks for listening!


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