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Our guest today, Dr. Stephen Cabral, is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and founder of the Cabral Wellness Institute and

They talk to Dr. Cabral about his March 26th birthday, Addison’s disease, Type II diabetes, chronic fatigue, integrating Eastern and Western medicine, things that have been around the longest are going to be around the longest, the band-aid issue, the rain-barrel effect, tap water, 3 triggers of disease: genetics, environment, triggered event, the sparkling water craze, EMF and your cell phones, i have what?, clean 15 and the dirty dozen,, Stephen’s three anchors, eating every 2.5 hours, grounding, negative ions, The Cabral Concept on iTunes, his book, at home functional lab test, and what he enjoys about life -- his podcast.

Before they talk to Stephen, Mark and Rick talk about why Mark is in a bad mood. After the interview, they talk about a weird place Mark left his phone. Thanks for listening! 


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