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#133 Bennie Wylie Interview & the Amazing Engagement

On today’s show, Mark and Rick interview one of the baddest dudes on planet Earth, Bennie Wylie, a strength coach and winner of the NBC show ‘Strong’ (14:38). Then it’s another Humans Being Human segment with Deb and the Amazing Engagement (46:49). They wrap with the Simply Human Tip of the Week which is -- do what makes you happy (1:00:31).

They talk to Bennie about his background, Larry Allen, NFL athletes, Mark’s Strength Coach expertise, NBC’s Strong, a $1M lawsuit, the opposite of Biggest Loser, Bennie’s basics, and spending time with family.

Before they talk to Bennie, Mark and Rick discuss what a huge jerkface Mark is -- GAME OF THRONES SPOILER ALERT!



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