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On today’s show, Mark (who sounds like he's on his deathbed) and Rick welcome back the great Luke Norsworthy, preacher and man of wisdom and wonder (13:36). Then it’s another moderately funny edition of the Humans Being Human segment with Kristina and the Creepy Pizza Guy (46:37). They wrap with the Tip of the Week which is a weird look at how ballet and meditation are connected (1:00:43).

They talk to Luke about his movement patterns, eating something green, something dead, and no bread at every meal, what Luke eats, how Luke sleeps, Luke’s morning routine, guessing his birthday, Luke’s kids’ activities, Mark’s barbershop quartet, letting go of certainty to embrace mystery, an imaginary beach, Christian origins and mystery.

Before they talk to Luke, Mark and Rick discuss “staycations” and the Princess Bride.

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