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#113 Shawn Stevenson Interview & Removal of a Corpse

On today’s show, Mark and Rick interview Shawn Stevenson, bestselling author and creator of the Model Health Show (12:32). Then it’s another moderately funny edition of the Humans Being Human segment with Rob and the Corpse Removal Story (51:19). They wrap with the Tip of the Week which is -- set one mini habit this week (1:10:00).

They talk to Shawn in a longer than normal interview about snake plants, Shawn’s background, degenerative bone disease, spirit animals, an ironic nutrition class, transformational psychology, rubbing berries on your head, neurons that fire together wire together, Insanity, learned helplessness, murdering horses, pulling the juice out of the day, morning routines, meditation, and Sleep Smarter the book.

Before they talk to Shawn, Mark and Rick discuss listener voice mails, CaddyShack follow up, and a guest appearance from Jenn. Thanks for listening! Leave us a review on iTunes!


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